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Abigail Carlton 


My name is Abigail Carlton and I am an 18 Year old Creative and Professional Writing Student at Leeds Trinity University. I have been an avid anime and manga fan since I started secondary school – I don’t think me watching Pokemon at a younger age counts as being an an anime fan so for me it started then.


The first manga series I completed was Ceres Celestial Legend  and I deeply regret it – I didn’t like it in the end.

The first anime series I completed was  Death Note and it is still one of my favourite anime’s of all time! (I will point out, I did read the manga before watching the anime – Death Note was the second manga series I ever completed)

I aim to post three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.



Hi I’m Nexist and to put it bluntly I’m your stereotypical nerd.

Loving; movies, comics, manga, anime and let’s not forget video games.

My favourite manga/anime would be Death note as its focus is on the mental battle between two geniuses and their quest to stop one another for they believe they are justice. I love the concept of brain over brawn and throw in a bit of the supernatural and you have one of the best crime manga out there.

Video games…there’s a hot topic for you, though there being a negative stigma to being a gamer I don’t care. I am a Gamer. One of my favourite video games is Doom, yes I like the classics but no I’m not just a retro gamer. Doom is the reason I started playing video games and have never looked back. All video game, no matter what platform, age or genre ill play and enjoy…except horrors I’m too much of a wuss.
I aim to post once a month.
If you are interested in joining our crew of writers, drop me an email at the address below for further details.