DISCLAIMER: I apologise for this not being a full fledged review. This is just my first thoughts and opinions on the anime and what I think of it. I’ve not been following Attack on Titan since the last season so it’s all new to me. I might do a full review after the season has ended.


Now I’m not as big of a fan of Attack on Titan as I used to be -tried to avoid it for as while if I’m honest- but I thought I’d give this new episode a go. And I’d have to say I’m quite impressed with it; I mean for one it didn’t turn out to be an April fools joke and two it made me want to continue watching it.

This season follows on pretty much straight where the last season left off so it might have been best for me to refresh my memory by rewatching the first season. However I believe I was able to recall a lot of it.

I’ve not been following the manga so a lot of the things in the first episode alone were a surprise to me, like the titans being found in Wall Rose.

The art I think is very similar to before however you can tell they have updated it from last time which I liked as there were a few scenes with the old animation that weren’t as ‘smooth’ as the rest. It was nice to see they have kept the same kind of music for their opening themes to fit with the whole atmosphere of attack on titan that I remember. I like how they kept the weird poses and just overall look for the titans.

Story wise, it was the first episode.  I don’t think it went very far in terms of story however it did – I think – entice viewers to continue as it shows the Beast Titan and the Titan in the wall. If your like me, this is all completely new to some viewers who don’t follow the manga so I believe that it’s going to make me continue watching it as I want to know what’s going on. And for the readers of the manga, I’m going to guess they are happy they finally got another long awaiting season.

I’d say from the first episode alone that I will continue to watch this season and make a secure judgement on it after a few more episodes but so far it appears to be really compelling to new and old fans of the series.