“An exploration of the warmth and interdependence that are at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.” – My Anime List


A nice light-hearted anime that addresses a very real issue within society.Usagi Drop follows the journey of Daikichi through fatherhood as he raises Rin, his grandfather’s illegitimate child after his grandfather’s death.

While the manga ending – I won’t spoil it for you don’t worry– is highly questionable, I can say that I highly enjoyed the anime. I only found out about the manga ending upon later research after having completed the anime but this did not change my perspective of the anime; I saw as it as a separate thing after that discovering and as a standalone anime, it is wonderful!

Daikichi takes Rin in after his grandfather’s death as no one else in the family is willing to. The scene where the characters are all discussing what should happen to Rin really surprised me, as the other family members came up with reasons for not taking her in that I did not agree with. For example, Daikichi’s mother says she won’t take her in as she’s had enough with children and deserves a break even though all her children are grown adults now. What struck me was that she thought that this was a reasonable reason to send Rin to an orphanage. However the reality is that this probably happens more than people might assume. Instead of getting sent to an orphanage, Daikichi takes Rin in even though he has no experience raising a child.

I enjoyed how the anime showed the struggles that a new parent will go through: learning how to balance your job and child, making sacrifices in your own life, how to handle basic tasks with children such as when they wet the bed. Pretty much each episode shows a new aspect of parenthood to Daikichi to discover and learn how to deal with.

Before the opening theme plays, there is a short scene each episode taken from Rin’s perspective – the rest of the anime is taken from Daikichi’s perspective. Since these opening sequences are taken from Rin’s perspective, they are done in a more pastel art style to look more childish like a child’s drawing – however if that was a child’s drawing, damn! I love the effect they tried to create here by doing this however I do not think I would be able to sit through the entire anime if it was in this art style and that their main one is preferable to watch the main events unfold in. Having said that, this little detail at the start was a really nice part to the anime and once I found out why they did it, it warmed my heart a little.

Overall, the anime itself was highly enjoyable!  With only 11 episodes, it was a very short watch and only took a day to watch. While originally I wanted the anime to continue after these episodes, I realise why it didn’t and I’m grateful it didn’t ruin the anime. It will be safe to say that I won’t be looking into the manga anytime soon for this anime.

Watch the official trailer below and see how heart warming the anime is for yourselves!


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