Now I know that this post doesn’t coincide with my schedule of Monday and Thursdays but please bear with me this week. This post will cover Rich Media and how I will be using it on this site from now on.

What is Rich Media you ask?

Rich Media is a clever way of sharing information using photos and text. For mine I use a site called ThingLink. I have already used a thing link image in my previous Anime Aunt post (the thinglink image is below and click here to read the post) . I will be using ThingLink during a lot of my posts, including any reviews I do to link to sites such as Amazon where you can purchase the series I review.


LTU Media Fest

I am also going to be attending Leeds Trinity University’s Media Fest Wednesday through Friday in order to learn more about how I can use technology to my advance with my blogs. I am attending the sessions in the link below hoping that it will help improve my skills as a blogger.


A post on my experience at these events will be posted after the week is over so if your interested in it keep your eyes peeled on this blog during next week.

If you are following LTU Media Fest this week remember to use the hashtag #LTUMediaFest on Facebook and Twitter, tag my twitter on it too so I can see what you think.


Have a wonderful week, until Thursday!