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My First Impressions on Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1

DISCLAIMER: I apologise for this not being a full fledged review. This is just my first thoughts and opinions on the anime and what I think of it. I’ve not been following Attack on Titan since the last season so… Continue reading →

Review of Usagi Drop

“An exploration of the warmth and interdependence that are at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.” – My Anime List ________________________________________________________________________________ A nice light-hearted anime that addresses a very real issue within society.Usagi Drop follows the journey of Daikichi through… Continue reading →

A Review of A Silent Voice – CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS!!

“An absolute masterpiece! Tear-jerker till the very end!”   Wow…I didn’t expect this when I purchased the tickets.Before I get into this review I have one thing to say. And that is go watch this film! Go to your local… Continue reading →

Review of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works “I was hooked from the soundtrack and art style alone!”   Summary: Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is just one out of three routes in the Fate Stay Night series. The anime follows… Continue reading →

Wait are those tentacles: a Review of Assassination Classroom

Wait are those tentacles! I’ve seen enough anime to know where this is going. Ever caught yourself screaming, “I could just kill that teacher”? This is the first line of the blurb for Yūsei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom…my latest obsession. And… Continue reading →

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