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Q: Does my Waifu love me back? 

A: Waifu’s are 2D, they are not capable of emotions –  in the future they might be though, you never know where technology is headed. But don’t worry 2D girls will never leave you (they’ll never love you either but shhhh) so go nuts!


Q: Why am I the only one in my class with naturally bright coloured hair?

A: Sorry to break it you but you are the main character.  Go prepare yourself!!

Q: I was hanging out with a girl from my class outside of school the other day and we had a lot of fun. We went to the arcades and I won her a plushie doll that she was staring at in one of the claw machines. I gave it to her and she blushed saying “It’s not like I really wanted this or anything!”. What does she mean? Does she not appreciate it? 

A: Simple, shes a Tsundere. Tsunderes aren’t very good at expressing emotions typically. Some turn to violence in order to maintain their pride and not let their emotions slip. Just be patient with her, she will open up and be herself around you soon enough (she’ll still keep her tsundere traits though – once a tsundere always a tsundere).


Q: Why won’t Senpai notice me? 

A: Maybe he’s just not into younger woman.

Q: I’ve finally got myself a girlfriend! But she doesn’t seem to approve of me being friends with my female classmates, shes like scarily jealous of them – the other day I found a pen knife in her bag!! What should I do?

A: Shes a Yandere. RUN! BUY A PLANE TICKET AND GET OUT OF THERE! It might already be too late for you…Sayōnara*

Q:  I really want to impress my friends with my Bento lunch tomorrow at school, got any cool recipes to check out?


A: Bentos don’t have to be overly complex, they just have to be cooked foods you’ll enjoy eating cold during the lunch break. Heres a list of popular choices for a lunchtime bento box:

  • Octopus Sausages; they might be seen as childish to some however.
  • Cooked Vegetables of your choice
  • Rice is typically the main part.
  • Egg Rolls are a classic!
  • Fried Shrimp also seems popular within bento lunches



*Sayōnara = Goodbye in Japanese.

For other anime-specific words you don’t understand, click here for my post on basic anime terms.


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