Here are two anime YouTubers and two anime bloggers who I actively follow. Their content is amazing and I highly recommend you all to go check these guys out and support them!


Lost Pause/Noble



Noble male YouTuber known for playing a lot of visual novels as well as reacting anime crack videos. He has  done many unboxing videos for Samurai Buyer and Akibento. He also is known for his incredible quotes and funny skits he does and so so much more! Lets just say never pause a Lost Pause video.

I personally watch him as he is really funny and makes me laugh. I’m not really into visual novels all that much but I’ve even caught myself watching him play a few for the humour of both the visual novels and his reactions – Nekopara in particular. My boyfriend first introduced me to Noble back in 2014 and I have been actively watching him ever since.




Akidearest (Mama Aki) is a female YouTuber who actively expresses her love for Hentai, Yaoi and all things tentacle.  Even though I’m not a fan of Hentai (Yaoi though!) and there are many that aren’t, her videos also contain content where she talks about anime and debates and discussions within the anime community. She also does cosplay videos and unboxing videos.

Again, my boyfriend introduced me to her channel in 2014 however I continued to actively follow her channel as I admire her confidence to showcase her interests. Many people – or at least the ones I know – within the anime community look down upon Yaoi and Hentai and talking about it freely isn’t always easy so I admire that she does this. Also her discussions about anime themes, tropes characters and more are really interesting to watch.





Little Anime Blog

When starting up my own blog, I looked into existing anime blogs out there and I came across this gem!

What caught my eye at first is how fleshed out the blog was; there was so much there to look at I found myself look and searching through it for hours. Similar to Akidearest, this blog has a section for deep and detailed discussions about anime and manga titled “Essay’s and Editorials”

While this blog posts about anime and does reviews, what intrigued me to this blog at first was the anime poetry section on their website. As a fellow writer, this seems like a really creative and unique way of combining two things you really love doing.

The Tiny World of an Anime Amateur

This is also another blog I discovered whilst setting up my own.

I really love how the blog is organised out, it is really easy to find their content!  There is a little anime bingo game on this site, which ticks off different kinda of anime that the writer has watched. Whether they created this themselves or not I’d love to know because this seems like a fun and innovate thing to do!  This blog has a section on the menu for challenges that the writer sets themselves which I thought was really creative as it shows that they are pushing themselves to do their best.


There is a lot more that I could say about all four of these discussed here but instead of me rambling on, how about you go check out their wicked content for yourselves?? I’m sure you won’t regret it!


Who/What is your favourite YouTuber and Bloggers that you actively follow?? Leave a comment and let me know so I can check them out too!