I recently purchased this Lucky Star Sega Prize figure off the internet and wanting to do a little review/talk about it. It’s a figure of Kagami from Lucky Star – an anime which was released in 2007 and has a four panel manga series which according to my copy of the manga was drawn for the 2004 Summer Comp-Fest.

The anime is a fun lighthearted one to watch, its not one you have to take seriously at all and I would highly recommend it to anyone who just wants a little laugh. It follows the story of – for the most part – four high school girls in their day to day lives. Now I know its cliche but the anime is still fun to watch even though looking back on it now I’m pretty sure it has almost every anime cliche out there!

Kagami’s character is the stereotypical Tsundere character out of the group of the four main girls.

Although the character of Kagami Hiiragi does not get married in the anime or manga (to my knowledge) this figure was a Sega Prize figure which did both Kagami’s character and Izumi’s character in wedding dresses. Why? I don’t know but this figure is pretty cute! The image below shows both characters sporting their wedding dresses however I have only been able to purchase Kagami’s wedding dress version. Maybe one day I’ll get Izumi too!

The Figure Boxed

The box came a little damaged due to shipping however I don’t mind, I’m taking it out the box anyways! The box is pretty plain with a light blue and white design. However on the side, the background has a blue church and roses at the bottom of the side of the box, which I thought was a nice touch as this is a wedding themed figure.

The Figure Unboxed


The first thing I noticed about this figure is Kagami’s facial expression! Since her character is a tsundere, the stern yet embarrassed look on her face is ideal for her character who might not typically enjoy being dressed up in a wedding dress in front of a crowd. The paint work on the figure is immaculate; some figures you’ll find them to have a few mistakes however I can not find any on this meaning it is the real deal and that a lot of work was put into it.


Her hairstyle in this has been changed from her typical pigtail; her her is let down except for a little bun on the left side of her head, finished off with a few flowers to match the bouquet. The colour scheme and design of the outfit, I believe, really complements this character and I would love to see how Kagami would react if she wore this in the anime as this kind of thing is way out of the character comfort zone! It would have been cute to see!


Overall, this figure is really well made and an amazing addition to my growing collection of figures upon my bookshelf. I might have to have a separate figure shelf soon!



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